About Us

Our values define the way we operate as a company and as individual. Integrity and responsibility is our watchword and we nurture a high standard of corporate comportment towards doing the right thing.
To be an effective organization requires strong engagement. Our dynamic and innovative approach in running our business articulates our beliefs about business. Our values guide us on knowing how to get along and care for everyone we work with.
1. We are committed to developing and enhancing our employee’s individual skills and capabilities.

2. At Macmiras we are committed to providing branded products which offer value to our customers and consumers.

3. Establishing mutually beneficial relations with our partner, suppliers and customer is a commitment we cherish and are fully committed to.

Who We Are

Macmiras is a privately owned company with the goal to provide value to our customers and consumers. We strive to offer valuable brands that help enhance life. At Macmiras we pride ourselves on knowing how to get along with people and we encourage our employees, partners and customers to do the same.

What We Do

Macmiras endeavors in rapidly growing consumer sector. We market and distribute a range of consumer goods, wholesale and retail merchandising of consumer products. Our comprehensive range of impressive products includes local and international renowned brands. Greater emphasis on quality standard of operations and products is not just only one of our main priorities to delight our customers but to also meet and work hard to exceed the ever changing consumers’ need through an innovative and creative workforce.

Our function and business include:

1. Marketing and Distribution
2. E-Commerce
3. QSR

Brand Portfolio

The cornerstone of our business model is our brand portfolio. We aim to make and manage a positive impact through our brands and we’re committed to developing a sustainable business. We also delve into the cognizance of today consumers’ need to offer more choices of valuable products. Product innovations are introduced to ensure that we meet the expectation of certain consumers’ interest.


To strive for distinction in quality products and become a renowned name in consumer goods industry.

• Dynamic approach to strong positive development

• Greater emphasis on quality of products as to offer total satisfaction to our customers and consumers.

• Determination to ensure sustainability, provide exceptional value to our customers and consumers.


To put smile on our customers’ face and get our brands into every household.

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Committed To A Sustainable Development

Our customers’ enthusiasm and feedback spurred our strong commitment to developing a sustainable business and we believe that with relentless

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Engaging Through Endless Possibilities

Effective engagement is an amalgamation of audience and the platforms to connect to them. At Macmiras, strong engagement is a crucial growth component

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We believe innovation starts with the consumer and desirable to them, viable in the market place, and possible with technology. Hence we comprehend the diverse nature of consumers’ need and offer our customers and consumers product options.

Contact Us

Macmiras Co., Ltd.
B103, B105, Pattanee Court, Ramkhamhaeng 32,
Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240
Tel: 02 732 0277, 09 5845 2547, Fax: 02 073 3574


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