Canvas Tote Bag

Strong & Fashionable Bag Using Japanese Traditional Sail Canvas


Matsuemon ho (mast of a sailing vessel) was developed by Kuraku Matsuemon who was born in Takasago near Himeji in middle of Edo era (1743). In 1785 he wove a piece of canvas with thick thread. The canvas was very strong with good drainage, light and got a lot of wind. The sail got a great reputation; it naturally came to be called his name “Matsuemon”, and quickly spread to the sailors at the time.

The era soon became the Meiji era and the sailing ship decreased in number likewise the production of canvas. However, the canvas technology was transformed to be used in making bags. These bags Matsuemon-ho are manufactured in Toyooka which is the production base of world famous bags.

This MADE IN JAPAN product is “Toyooka Bags ®” certified. What is "Toyooka Bag ®"? Of the many bags made in Toyooka City, “Toyooka Bag ®" certification is given to those bags that pass strict quality control and careful selection.

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