Quality Statement

Quality Statement

At Macmiras, we have always valued our customers and their continuous support that is why quality products and quality standard of operations are very vital to our business. We strive to provide our customers with products which meet their expectations. To ensure our commitment to continuous improvement we devised the following imperative plan for measuring and improving our performance in our aim of total customer satisfaction:

1. Training and development of our employees
2. Regular monitoring and gathering of customers feedback
3. Procedure to review customer feedback, complaints, and proffer suitable solution to any issue
4. Performance monitoring of our suppliers and partners to ensure they are in conformity with high quality standard criteria
5. Measurable quality objectives which reflects our business aims
6. Management review of audit results, performance and improvement plan

The cornerstone of our business model is our brand portfolio therefore we ensure consistent quality and reliability of our products/brands. Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly and our employees have individual responsibility in their areas to ensure that they embed quality in our organization.

What Makes Us Who We Are

Top Quality Ingredients, High Quality products. Excellence is our goal and we are motivated by your continued support for our products/brands that is why we work hard to ensure that we provide our customers and consumers products with a high degree of excellence. Our suppliers and partners are among the best in the world with high safety standard and quality control.

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